Perceptions of old age have been blurred by too much tired advocacy.

We do not think that being 70 is wonderful. We do not think that being 70 means arthritis.

We do think that ageing is, in our sense, being re-cast and a new vernacular of explanation and exploration is required.

And so, we are in the business of witnessing / measuring / predicting the revolution in lifestyle management which is transforming the post-65 world. We will happily collaborate with other organisations and analysts/forecasters in order to dramatise the future that is being born.

We seek platforms.  We track longevity literature and mine it for strategy-informing insight. We grow the narrative of the Rinkli Funstaz  –  and, searching for trends and sub-trends, give it relevance in the lives of those who must plan for a much altered state of age.

Within the population of the over-65s, Rinkli Funstaz = a tribe, a momentum, an inevitability. We identify these people, we talk to them, we invite them to talk to us. They are the ones who are levering forward an entire generation : pathbreakers, life-zealots, mavericks no more.