Our times require a Third Age culture which now elevates the performative, the entrepreneurial and the opportunistic. This is the heart of our Rinkli Funstaz motif.

The notion that old people constitute simply a deserving victimhood has to be subverted wherever it persists. This is what we do.

Daring is required comprehensively to re-imagine and re-appraise old age. The real-life culture  –  the appetites and capacities  –  of those once just called pensioners has to be freshly illuminated. A 70 year old in the 1980s, put in a time-machine, would not recognise the lifestyle of a 70 year old living today. AI / robotics / Big Data  –  and all that they imply for the ways in which the older people can curate and personalise their lives  –  will change everything over again. We explore this story and engage with it.

The heart of the Mission was exposed in the RSA Rawthmells Presentation of 2020 (London) : Let’s All Do Ageing So Much Better   –  five propositions in favour of optimistic (indeed optimised) longevity for the decades ahead.