• Barry Clark

    Perhaps the idea of a cruise being the holiday of a lifetime might also be DOA in 2021? Floating deathtraps, stuffed full of very stuffed high-vulnerability humans, perpetually bobbing around the seven seas in search of a port that will allow them to disembark…

  • jmurphy@modelreasoning.com

    Yours could be a description of the entire marketing services sector!
    On the basis of a massive commitment to on-board hygiene the cruise might just survive. In any case and in due course, the demand for carefree travel will explode, no?

  • I can think of a few statements about Covid-19 and the lock down which will not last past Christmas: (1) there has been a flowering of wit and incisive comment on social media. (2) it has kick started good old fashioned family entertainment (3) it has changed society so that, from here on in, the Hedge Fund manager will understand, appreciate and, above all, value, the work of the Care Home cleaner. (4) a crisis brings out the best in us etc……………

  • jmurphy@modelreasoning.com

    Yes. I rather agree. There are no silver linings.
    Thank you for engaging. You are obviously wise beyond your years and indeed behind your ears.

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