Specifically, we check for trends and innovations in:

Buying Behaviour… what appetites and habits distinguish the RFs and their cousins in the same age band?

Skills Acquisition… just how techno-cute and techno-ambitious is this grey-no-more generation?

Intimacy & Relationships… just how wildly are family structures and relationship-formations shifting?

Sport & Exercise… whither the septuagenarians : specially fit in every sense?

Aesthetics & Appearance & Fashion… where can we see proof of a generation competitively more hot than kids these days?

Food & Drink… just why might the kitchen and the restaurant be the new cultural coliseum for all ages?

Work & Career & Business Formation… just how does the strapline entrepreneurial, performative, opportunistic play in real life for the over-65s?

Fun… what are the tired assumptions about the entertainment agendas of the over-65s which must be shed?