Beyond the Stairlift of Broken Dreams : or how to pull Aging up to a more sunlit space.

To age is to droop - or be drooped? Picture this. You are joining a friend for lunch. The restaurant is on the 30th floor and offers spectacular views of the city you love. In the hope of persuading the maitresse d’ to give you a table by the window, you get there early. For reasons which need not detain us here, it is important to you that your friend has a specially pleasant time. A good table is secured. You check that the menu indeed contains a happy mix of vegetarian dishes. This is pivotal to the progress of the day. The friend arrives. The lunch begins. It is too early for a calming apéritif. And so your inner comms-coach keeps rat-tat-tatting down your invisible ear-piece. Whatever happens: •…
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